Reviews for "Madness '10"


Time to strike is now... KILL !

Love it....

great shading, coloring, art, and theme. The first-person perspective certainly adds to the feel. This sir, is one bad-ass illistration.


ha when you inlarge the pic and look into the other guys goggles you can see what the chracter actually looks like and he looks awesome with that smile

Very Nice.

Your use of color and lighting makes this look really realistic, and the first person view is really interesting. However, I feel like a dick for saying this, but you spelled "acquired" wrong...

Jobertson responds:

haha, damn.
I never have been good at spelling..
thanks for pointing it out, i'll remember that for next time :\
and thanks for the comments :D

the guy at the mirror

is like :3 in full screen lol