Reviews for "Persocom"

Very nice!

Although it seems that Chii looks a bit too masculine, with all the lines defining her face (especially around the nose area) but I guess that's what you were going for. :D
Amazing picture even so. :DD

Great picture

I absolutely adore the Chobits series, and this is a perfect tribute to the ever-so-cute Chii. You're rendition of her almost gives her a more mature, and dare I say, sexy look. Keep up the good work.

Visually Fantastic

But if you've seen the anime, then you know that her expression is waaayyyy off. She usually has that spacey, curious/confused look to her. This is more mischievous.

Ok this is a really good image

I am blown away, but when i clicked i thought I was getting sort of painted realism and it was kind of a let down

Dude your awesome!

This is really good work how long did it take you to make this?