Reviews for "Persocom"


bro thats f'ing cool exelent work man for real keep up with up the good work ;)

I like it

i think this is very good and a good human rendition and no it doesnt need more cleavage cuz she didnt have big boobs and to the artist i resiliently saw this show to and like it


Bland and extremely unoriginal. i mean, technically it is...But it's just some chick posing in her pajamas. I'm extremely disappointed in how this made FrontPage. Although it is really good, very well drawn and pretty. Very nice skin quality too. If it would have had a better background I would have gave it a 10. Like a bedroom or a porch or some forest scene. Anyway good work. I see you have many pictures of girls... No males or backgrounds, no depth or out-of-the-box ideas... I would like to see your skill more involved in those areas.


needs more cleavage though!


I love your work, it's mental.

Hair looks beautiful and the facial expression is cheeky.

Keep up the great work.