Reviews for "Persocom"


first of all, nice job, second, chi doesnt smile like that! anyways i actually prefer her usual anime face which is why i gave a 9 everything else (except empty background) was nice


OMG thanx for the nostalgia! The only thing I don't really like is that you made her look all realistic and stuff, she usually looks so cute...

Chi :D

Time to watch chobits again...


Pretty picture, details and the girl! I like it so much! If it have another background than the white, I would give you the 10. Anyway, you have 5. Awesome.

OMG it's CHI!

What can I say? It's hella good. I've watched the anime and I can tell that you have too. I've looked at it for a while now and something's bothering me a bit. The expression you gave her doesn't look quite right. When Chi was brought to life in the anime, she a blank puzzled expression on her face, unlike the expression in your rendition, Chi in the anime was like a baby, puzzled by everything she saw. Other than that little piece of criticism it's perfect. I give it a 9/10. Good job.