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Reviews for "Storm Eagle/Spark Mandrill"


I like the mix of both songs alot , i would've added somewhat more bass kicks or something , i'm no expert but meh xD Still nice keep it up.

And i'll correct tingle's poor french by saying Ta chanson est vraiment bonne mec xD


Good song, dude!

Spanish: Buena canciĆ³n, viejo!

French: Une bonne chanson, un vieux!

German: Gutes Lied, Dandy!

Very cool.

I just love the two songs and in a medley together?! You just blew me away! Good transition, too.

Kick A**

love the transition between the two songs. Very smooth. Though it seems that you could've used something kind of.......heavier per say for the main part. It just seems a little off to me......maybe its just me


do more Mega Man X remixes there good