Reviews for "Checkmate"


AWESOME job man!!!

Blud-Shot responds:



Your art always impresses me alot, this one is great.
I really like the clothing choice for the Clown, excellent job. :)

Blud-Shot responds:

Thanks the lighting on the clown was actually hard to adjust

And then...

there were none...

Very nice and very strange too.


I see a lot of art on newgrounds.
I give a lot of tens on newgrounds.

But when even my inner douchebag fails to find a flaw on the artwork, or at least one that matters in the slightest way, something, somewhere, has gone terribly, terribly right

I'm overlooking the fact that it looks like tricky's turned his body 180 degrees, because as we all know, Tricky's just weird enough to potentially reverse his torso.

And I'm putting this on my favorites list. That doesn't happen too often.

...ima be keepin an eye on yer art channel. Hope you don't mind.

wow look at that hank