Reviews for "End of Summer"


amazinly fast beat awesome melody defnetly worth uploadin en listenin 2!



awesome ^^

dude i love the tune :D finally some song thats worth its top5place :)
song overall sounds kinda professional ^^ no FL'ish crap!
Very well done.. uv got some skills there! xD
Keep it up!



This makes you happy when you listen to it.

FlamingFirebolt responds:

exactly what i wanted :D

Happeh for the win!

From top 5 o the week to 1st ranked in the whole list :o Do you feel like spreading hapiness everywhere? :D
Really great song, I enjoyed listening to it and even danced. Your title is sad for a happy song thought, end of summer = back to school :(
Whatever with your song there is no more end of summer :p Change the title to Endless Summer lolz.
~~Croash~~ Another 10/10 should make you happy, and your score is great!

FlamingFirebolt responds:

Yeah it seems im a lucky guy! :D from best of the week ( third ) to 1st alltime! thanks newgrounds!!

Well alot of people seem to complain about the title. with end of summer just remember the memories you have about it. like that too hot vacation in spaine. or maybe hanging out with some friends and swimming in a lake and eating icecream all the time. :D i wish it was summer...
oh and, well endless summer sounded to much like the one of Cascada which is also endless summer. but hey it isnt about the title is it?