Reviews for "End of Summer"

Nice Blend!

This piece is a great mix of gabba and happy hardcore! The hard bass and happy melodies combine to form a great song. I get the kind of feeling that, "Summer's almost over, so let's make the last bits the most kick-ass as we can." Crazy steel drums make it seem like a tropical paradise gone wild! Way to go on a 10/10 and 5/5!

FlamingFirebolt responds:

Well that was the message i was trying to get out of people.
however people judge the song waaaay too much on the title.
like, oh i hate when summer ends so i give you an 1... (with no other explanation.)
but what are steel drums? it seems i use them but dont know exactly what they are? :D


Love the steel drums!!!!

best ever!!!! very summery

Ey ey, nothing wrong with happy.Awesome tune!

5/5 and of course downloaded...haha my 50s radio's never played nothing like this!
I like this song very much.Good going d00der!


its well deserving of my 10 stars. ~~!tyvm!~~ for posting this Am@z1nG song, and keep up the excellent work like we all know you will.


Not my style of music.

But style has nothing to do with how good somthing is! In general this isn't what i listen to, but i have to say this is really good. You cant listen to this and not smile lol. Good job, keep it up.