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Reviews for "Secret Admirer"

Great movie

it was great that you balanced out the curses for Foamy. The whole idea was MAD cool. Keep up the god work

could have been better, well done though

voices lagged a little when i watched it.
was a little sketchy, the cat could have talked, or whatever it was, needed a mouth to make it all work

Im the biggest foamy fan!

You are good man maybe you could give me your msn name that would be great so we coulod talk about foamy and illwillpress.co as will great movie man!h

pol go get bent dude

good job again ill nother great foamypol you can go die for all i care man foamy will deal with you in turn


Man these are too funny, to hell with all that think otherwise.

keep up the awesome work.

"FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS!! it tolls, for thee!"

LOL classic