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Reviews for "Secret Admirer"


Pretty clear it's that black haired douschbag. Clearly doesn't have the grapefruits to talk to her so he stalks her.


I don't think he got enough photos.


So this is where the Pizzamans final revelation first kicks in, lmao, hillarious. Graphics are a bit simple and sloppy comparred to the newer episodes he starrs it, but other than that the concept is hillarious, the animation is as smooth as it's always been and the ending couldn't have been better made, lmao, Foamy is ignorant as ever, keep it going!


How do you come up with this??

It starts out all sweet, but then slowly and surely it becomes creepy and demented, and oh so funny!!


whoa the stalker guy is actually creepy in this one.....
If i ever had a secret admirer who sent me letters i would burn them!