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Reviews for "Secret Admirer"

Lol...good work

Can we say stalker? :D lol

- Faust

What can I say...ITS FOAMY!!!

Foamy rules this place. I have yet to see a bad one.. GREAT job keep doing these!

Funny Shit!

That was rich, good sound, good animation, etc. funny dialog.

Cannibus_Clock: You dare to insult this when your name is attatched to Pube Muppet! FECK OFF!


It's not part of the Neurotical series, Its part of the nonsense series. I'll be damned!

Well yes it is! It's part of the Neurottically yours series!! It's Foamy and Its that damn chick Germaine! And boring as hell... Always the same thing.

Still mister illwillpress I don't like your style. I am not braindead. I don't like how the series or your movies just never goees anywhere. They are always about the smae thing. Always cheap lousy jokes...

On the other hand I think your a great animator and cartoonist. Your drawings are always perfect.