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Reviews for "Secret Admirer"


still good though.


kinda creepy but i love the foamy series!


I love this series, and especially the ones with a plot. This one is great though, because it raises the issue of what exactly is a stalker. There are always these dumb people who want to slap the stalker label on anyone who you see around a lot or who is friendly "a stalker." Maybe the person is just around a lot? And maybe they're just really friendly, I mean that is how you're supposed to make friends.
Stalkers generally are people you've never met who think they have a relationship with you. We get so caught up in the nightly newsfeed belief that creeps and stalkers are everywhere, that we lose sight of being able to recognize real problems when they present themselves. How many people have you met that said they had a stalker, but refused to admit that their partner was abusive?
It seems like it's easy to attract the controlling types (i.e. stalkers, abusive partners, ... republicans [j/k]), and it's hard to get yourself in an assertive mind frame that lets you actually get rid of these people.
One of the first things I say to do, is be honest. Never try to sugar coat these things. Which is why I love Germaine's reaction in the open-mic night, where she tells the guy to get lost. Germaine handles these things responsibly. She doesn't call in the police, because she doesn't let him get enough control over her, that she then needs to. She's a strong enough individual that she can solve her own problems. And if he doesn't want to listen to her, she can just cast a spell and turn him into a slug or something, then pour salt on him.
The fact is, nobody, especially a freak like Germaine, is 'perfect,' and nobody should ever try to worship them or avert their eyes out of respect. Save that crap for the military. Germaine knows exactly what the guys are really staring at when they're not looking her in the face, and it's not out of anxiety, either.
Overall, this series' stories are getting better and more poignant. With a high degree of dark humor that lacks in most mainstream cartoons.
It's sad that online cartoons can be the only source for dark humor these days, but Illwillpress does a great job of keeping the art of dark comedy alive and well, with the punctuation of a few rants (but then who am I to criticize ranting?).


"Ha ha, you have a stalker. You have a stalker. I don't; you do. I can sleep at night. You're going to die. Nyah nyah. Heh heh."



how come sometimes germanie have big boobs and sometimes she doesnt??:S

im just saying...