Reviews for "Binary Rain"


that would make a kick ass sound track to go in a rpg of some kind. like when it rains and stuff. it will be tight


Here's a really beautifull music you made !

Really good!

I love the feel. Would be an excellent song to use in the intro of some flash or another. Especially if its raining (duh).

Good job though, Very nice. I'd make more stuff like this if I were you! Your damn good at it!

= o quite suprising

when i looked at the title, I thought this was one of "those" songs, but you were right about how everything flowed. its like all of it was supposed to be there, no more, no less. great job on delivering a decent song.

Anima-Theory responds:

Thanks :D


this is really good

the ambience of the song was already growing on me, and then it transitioned to a dnb kinda thing, which was <3

if the rest of your stuff is like this song, i may have found another artist to fav :d