Reviews for "Binary Rain"

Completely amazing

Reminds me of Tallon IV overworld in Metroid Prime 1
Very calming yet trancy :D
I looked for more like this in your music but I didn't find anything quiet like it.

Maybe there was something I over looked, please tell me ;)

---Farmer of minds and souls

It's beautiful.

I think it would be more serene if it was just the strings and the flute... make that a request, please.(:

Wow, amazing

I like it mix techno beat mixed with the natural sound of rain, it gives it a real organic and yet inorganic feeling. It really enjoyable to listen too, without a doubt deserve a 10/10 and a 5/5.

I'll make sure to listen to this when I'm tense.

this is really good

the ambience of the song was already growing on me, and then it transitioned to a dnb kinda thing, which was <3

if the rest of your stuff is like this song, i may have found another artist to fav :d

Purtty gewd

I love it, keep up the good work!