Reviews for "Binary Rain"

Rain and Speaches, best backgrounds for ambience

I have to know though, what's the relationship of this rain/thunder and the rain/thunder from During the Storm? is it the same audio, or was it obtained in the same way or something? It doesn't sound exactly the same...

Heh, you could probably do a whole album based around making it all over sounds of a storm that takes anywhere form 30 minutes to an hour.

all the ounds enter nicely. the strings, flute, and then the percussion. again, wonderful voices.

Rather amazing, this song would only be maybe a 6 or a 7 without the storm. but because of the storm, everything sounds better. I dunno.

I don't get why it's binary, other than it was made with a computer, but I know naming this can be annoying.


Anima-Theory responds:

I think the sample I used for "During the storm" was a different sample. I can't remember though.

The reason I called it binary rain, is because the wave form of the bass line reminded me of the binary pits on a CD :D

Thanks for the review



yay for cool bass

yay for distorted drums

yay for rain


Anima-Theory responds:

Yay for ameer :D


While I wasn't really a fan of the bass (drums were good), I thought it was a nice song. The ending was a little long, but the rain sample was really cool, so I didn't mind it. Sounds like something I could fall asleep to. Nice job :)

Anima-Theory responds:

No one seems to like the bass...looks like I'm the only one :(

Thanks for the review :D


That was some really awsome ambient. The beggining took a little while to get going, but once the bass came in, and the drums, you quickly forgot about the long beggining. The flute kind of overpowered everything, though, drowed out the piano(which I didn't even pick up on till the second listen). Some distortion between the bass and the kick, but it actually fits with the mood of the song, and you can only hear it when the flute and other instruments aren't playing. I didn't like the way you transitioned out of the music and back into the storm sounds. It was too abrupt. I would try fading out with the melody back into the storm, instead of three kicks and one note. Last, the wind sound at the end sounded placed. You can almost tell exactly where FL triggered the sound, if you know what I mean. It doesn't sound natural. I would suggest not taking out the thunder sound, it covers that up.

All in all, a splendid ambient song, definately a download, five, ten, and free publicity from me.

I'm not really sure how far back you want me to review, so just drop me a line and tell me, and I'll be glad to keep going. Peace out, blessed toilet seat and all=p

Anima-Theory responds:

The bass is a naturally distorted instrument in this song, as are the drums.

The reason for the change back to the storm, is because it was originally written just to be a flute and storm effects, when I changed it, I must have forgotten about that :(

I think the last wind sound effect was about 30 seconds long, so I didn't think anyone could pick up when it looped...I sure as hell couldn't. Nice ear my friend :P

Thanks for the review

So I was browsing the BBS...

...and I found this song. :P I normally don't go around reviewing just any song (usually because of the time it takes, look at my other reviews XD) but since you don't mind a two-line review, what the heck, I'll write a short one by my standards. :P

I like the style in this one, what would have been nice is if you had used a more trebley snare, to add to the rhythmic feeling. :P But even without a trebley snare, the drums and bassline are great and give the song a nice, different "chilled-out" feel from what it would have been without them. ;)

I think I hear a little bit of distortion with the kick? But it's no big deal.

The rain and thunder FX muddy up the mix a bit, too, cutting the low frequencies a bit would have done them some good.

Definitely an enjoyable listen. Keep it up. :D

Anima-Theory responds:

The snare and kick...in fact all the percussion are passed through a DIST. That's te distortion you hear. It's not clipping :D

Thanks for the review man :D