Reviews for "Binary Rain"


this is an excellent peice and the start with the flute... sounded so much like morrowind lol

has anyone else noticed ? and btw i love morrowinds soundtrack


pure ambience!

i love it. its like, listening to a storm, then flashbacking into somethin or seeing somethin magical or whatever.



I liked it

I love rain. With this, I can go into a dark room to sleep to the sounds of it in my ears. Totally going on my iPod.

Oh, my...

Wow. Amazingly wow.
Love the rain, love how the flute isn't drowned out by the bass or drums, love the simplicity of it all.

Anima-Theory responds:

I didn't want the drums or bass to over power anything, so in this song I made them, really deep and quiet.

Thanks for the review :D


not sure how this should go but ya. . .

intresting enoguh but it is in depth with what i believe the rain should sound like in a song instead of jsut wat u alway here is a thunder that repeats over and over.
but this is something i can sleep to and think is calming.
and while reading some review i think u control v to all the review that isnt very simple but helpful and . . . jsut leave the bad one out i guess. eh
have fun and make more dude
--_____-{-----}--Thumbs Up Dude i think? idk enjoy it

Anima-Theory responds:

Yeah, I used about 30 samples of rain, so none of them should be alike :P

Thanks for the review btw