Reviews for "Binary Rain"

Very pretty

I didn't think the intro was too long at all.
The rainstorm and the flute were very nice and the drums + baseline did fit very well with the song.
However, there was something about the drums I found a little rough to go with the quiet background. Maybe too much snare? A slightly more definite sound could have been better.
That's only my opinion though, it was very nice.

One last thing - the rain goes on for way too long at the end =/ It would be fine if it was just ambient music but as a song, it's just too long.

Good job =)


You played Metroid Prime? Sounds like the Tallon Overworld. Like others have said, it be great in game. It almost loops perfectly, too. There isn't much I would change, maybe soften the synth that enters at around 2:00. Overall, its very conducive to what its meant to express. Very well done. 9/10 5/5


that would make a kick ass sound track to go in a rpg of some kind. like when it rains and stuff. it will be tight


I agree with Mister-darling, it sounds like Morrowind :)
I like it alot


I love this kind of music. I almost think it could have done without such harsh drums, but they change the mood in a good way, anyways. Very nice, something to fall asleep to, very calming. Excellent job.