Reviews for "Binary Rain"

So clear

The sounds of the rain keep spazzing me out, I keep checking if its really the song and not the real thing. I love the sound of the rain so soothing. I like the flute as well it follows it well/

Really good!

I love the feel. Would be an excellent song to use in the intro of some flash or another. Especially if its raining (duh).

Good job though, Very nice. I'd make more stuff like this if I were you! Your damn good at it!

Reminded me of Oblivion (game)

I liked it alot, very captivating. Keep up the good work!

Lost far away

I love ambient because it really just takes you far away in your mind and shows you images and emotions magnified more than ten-fold. Congrats you aced this one and have taken me quite far. ( Wheres my travel agent when im daydreaming? )

~:{Dj Wolfy}:~


Here's a really beautifull music you made !