Reviews for "Binary Rain"


i like it... alot it may show up in my new upcoming flash

great song

opening was very calm and relaxing! i loved the whole song!
i would really like to save this to itunes some how. is that legal? lol how do you do it?

pretty good

it was preety good, but make the opening shorter, i found myself skipping it to get to the real song

great song

Very nice song. I like the calm and soothing nature of your song. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Phenomenal beginning.

This song is awesome, marvelous! It really is something you can sit back and relax to, quite unlike many of the 'ambient water' soundtracks/songs I've heard before.
The only thing was that I didn't really like the drums, I think they sort of jumped away from the core nature of the song that (I think) is established in the beginning. It would be really cool to hear a version without them.