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Reviews for "Love, Wink"

4+ FIr5T 1 W45n'T 5URE, BUT i PH3Ll 1n l0V3 wI+h +

4+ FIr5T 1 W45n'T 5URE, BUT i PH3Ll 1n l0V3 wI+h +hI5 MovIe Th3 53C0nd t1M3 1 w4+CHeD 1+. +eH anim@+IoN anD 5T0RY 4R3 CU+3, THE 5C0R3 i5 M4GNIFiC3NT @nD I LoV3 +He ChArAcT3r OPh bL1nK. 1 hOP3 +0 $e3 H1M fE@TURED 1n MOR3 0f j00r MoVIE5 in t3h pHuturE.

gel responds:

\/\/1n|< 1§ ©u+£.


That was very well down. The sound was amazing. The way it went with everything was perfect. Also the graphics were very nice too. Great JOB and Make more!

I love it

i watched it over three times, each time as good as the last. i thought the ending was just plain great. i sent the link to a few people so they could enjoy the wonder of this movie.

gel responds:

Four times? Wow!

SPAM everyone on my behalf!


dats so cute

Yeh dude perfect scoring

Your animation skills are awesome......just like 2b3 id also like to see the little guy a lot more