Reviews for "Fist of Fire loop"

Cool upity beat.

I like this, in fact, I love the song. This is a nice loop and the flow is a cool dancy one. What I really like is how the songs beat, even though repetitive, Still manages to seem new everytime you hear it.


great job


This is great, it really has the nature of a game song. I've got this playing in the background while I messed around online, so congrats!

KTRECORDS responds:

Yeah, we had some fun making this one. Granted the nature of the game and the level that this song was going to be put on, we really wanted to give this song a fast paced feel. In the end, it ending up turning out better than we expected, so...we're happy with it, lol.


Oh god....

I feel a bit bad for waiting until the last minute to get this to Shawn for Territory War Online, but in the end this turned out better than we had planned. Best part is; it was all done in a matter of 3 hours.

Everyone keep an eye out for Afro-Ninja's Territory War Online. It should be released soon here on Newgrounds!