Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup!"


its pretty cooll but it has it moments tht you feel like you broke a taboo


I like to put his nose there where the dick should be and his dick there where nose should be :D his loked like elephant whif that giant dick :D


loved the giant dick! LoL! :D u rock, yo!

its ok

ya it was ok but i neeedid moor stuff


I had alot of fun with this, its really adorable! It should DEFINETLY be moved to mature though, before people start raisin some eyebrows. Seriously, there are boobs and a giant peenor. This aint suitable for all audiences. Shame shame!
I hope to see you make more of this! Give it more accessories, and a bigger window! Also make it so the X eyes don't have to be there. That would be better ^^;