Reviews for "Dead Baby Dressup!"

Holy shit this was made by Edmund Mcmillen?

You know I vaguely recall this in my early years on Nwewgrounds. I didn't think this was actually you. God damn though who would have thought'd you start ouit by making a dress up game with dead babies? Only Edmund I guess

funny but my mum was in the room at the time so the huge penis didn't help

So many dead babies

It was interesting to see where this series started. The one thing that would have really made it a better game is if there was some sound/music in it. It is still a decent game and I didn't even know dead baby jokes were as old as 2001. I guess the blue color is supposed to represent how they're being drained of oxygen. When you put a lot of clothes on them, it kind of looks more like they're smurfs. I guess people with weaker stomaches can imagine them like that.

The detail in the clothes was really good and still seems to hold up today. I think my favorite item would have to be the chattering teeth. It's not an article of clothing but with dead babies, you don't really care about making something decent. You managed to have dead baby comedy and bare genitals in the same game! I'm sorry your website doesn't seem to work anymore.


This... is pretty awesome. I wish the flash area itself was bigger so I wouldn't have to dig through the clothes.

But I put the big red lips on the baby, stringy brown hair, and the O_O eyes. It made
me LOL.

As well as other stuff. Awesome.

not bad

pretty good game the only problem i had is they clothing should be more organized and easier to find..othwise good game keep it up