Reviews for "Bush - U.S. of Whatever"


This is absolutely the most pleasant project i've worked on, I only think that people should not vote on the movie because they saw Penny Bain naked.... oh well, great job, I'm looking forward to working more with you in the future.

very good but it was very stupid

this is to every body who thinks making fun of bush on the web is worng F**K YOU DUMB A**S. good movie.


I don't know what those other fuckers were sayin... this is funny
fuck you Zephradan this waz funny


this is a great movie! make more,dude!

Here's to the home grown dope (actual t-shirt)

Funny shit man. Graphics could be a bit better but love the song and agree with the attitude. What the rest of the yahoos whom gave rated badly based on the meaning of the vid instead of graphical content don't get is it's all freakin TRUE. If folks took more time reading both sides of the story of baby bush than they did wacking off to flash porn they might ACTUALLY learn something...ppppphhhhh! YEAH RIGHT! Bakatachi.
I'll be honest, I gave it a ten cause Bush slamming is A-OK with me!