Reviews for "Bush - U.S. of Whatever"

pretty good dude

all mny 5 r belong 2 this , it was funny Especially the penny bain easter egg lmao... GREAT!!! FUCK PENNY !!!!

very good but it was very stupid

this is to every body who thinks making fun of bush on the web is worng F**K YOU DUMB A**S. good movie.


lol greatest flash of all time =D

MappyTheKlown responds:

Thank you so much!

Do you have to have a license for the music?

Im sorta a beginner in this field and I just want to know. Don't tell me that I'm a stupid person asking annoying things.
Anyway the movie was good and when you included the terrorists and put them into the scenes like that and Bush was just saing whatever.


this is a great movie! make more,dude!