Reviews for "Bush - U.S. of Whatever"

never thought I'd see this.......

Nice work, you could work on the graphics/animation though.


You, sir, you certainly do know what the "W" stands for!

Wow, it was funny as Hell! ^_^

Hey, I liked it! ^_^ Doesn't mean I'm anti-whatever. :p George Dabooya in that tighty-red-blue-and-whitey was hilarious! Keep up the awesome work!


Was ok

I do, like the last poster, dont like the song..but the video was ok..and GWB in those USFlag tightey..red blue and whiteys was pretty funny. Anyways the above poster is dissing you because it was the 'incorrect' GWB..dude..who gives a FUCK! Holy christ its a cartoon video made with Flash..and how could it possibly be the 'wrong' one. So i leave u with 'WTF R U TALKING ABOOT EH? STFU!

This was terrible...

So terrible that I have turned it off as soon as the first chorus line kicked in.

"United States of Whater" is a terrible song, so naturally I disliked George W. Bush Jr. singing it to his own lyrics. I also hated the fact that this is not the correct George W. Bush Jr. I do not praise him for he is a moron and that was not portrayed in this music video. He was more laid back, and giving ordering.
You really have to get your story straight and if you want to make another political satire, learn of politics and then learn politics.

I am Canadian. Where I come from, we haven't any problems recognizing satire, you fool.

MappyTheKlown responds:

Well you successfully showed me that some canadians are REALLY dumb and ramble on about NOTHING.