Reviews for "Bush - U.S. of Whatever"

Yeah that's how it was.

George bush totally said whatever...and we voted him in again.

omfg d00d I loved it

Sweet, this is hilarious......I always knew this day would come......When someone would make a parody of "United States of Whatever" into a flash cartoon with George W. Bush.

9 and 4 for j00 ^_^


is probably the greatest clock in existance after seeing that. Good job, that goes in my favorites, especially because it reflects all my opinions of Bush.


that was funny as hell, make a john kerry one! five out of five

Not bad...

I was thinking of doing an animation for this, but then I decided that was too much effort. I would have done the faces Terrence and Phillip style. I like some of what you did with the style, even though it could have been done better, but...