Reviews for "Bush - U.S. of Whatever"

Holy Shit!

Wow, I almost cried, this was so damn good! I personnally hate bush as much as I hate...something that I hate alot. This is so awsome, make more, but next time, make fun of him in a way that insults him more for something he has done or something. A guy a few posts ago said it better than me, they guy who gave a 6

kick ass

its kicking a chickin

so hi stevo

MappyTheKlown responds:

Hi.. im not stevo though...


gorge bush looks like he has a load in his pants.

Yea Whatevah

Sigh, I remember when it was still unpopular to make fun of Bush. Now, its like shooting fish in a barrel. Call me a paranoid asshole, but I have a feeling that we have only seen the beginning of a huge cluster fuck that is going to change everything.


I did'nt know dubaya could put sentences togeter