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Reviews for "The Puppet"

This is just awesome :) i can imagine how much time you had to put into it :O But it was definitely worth it! :) i cant find single mistake o.O everything looks perfect and I just want to know what happend to her :D Really great work! :)

I...I...I can't

find ANY words to describe how awesome this is, by the way great title,it's just so awsome!!

Absolutely breathtaking...

Wow...this is simply amazing. The style is perfect. The emotion is perfect. The shading is perfect. The palette is perfect. I'm no art critic, but I honestly cannot find a single flaw in this picture at all. It has captivated me immensely...Nay, that's an insult; it has inspired a story in me...

For a while now, I've been thinking about what kind of story my album is going to tell, and I think now I can tell it. This woman that you have depicted is going to be part of an epic audio tale, and I can only credit you. Thank you for officially being my favorite NG artist.

Great dont change a thing.

I like all of this, the shading is great and the pose is powerful the hair is beautifully done and has a great movement to it. The ribbons and chains really help the viewers eyes follow along the path to the center, which is what a good picture is suppose to do, make ones eyes travel. The moon is done and I like how super bright it is, the "texture" being so vivid makes the picture have a feel of a comic world or otherworldly which is something I think you were trying to capture. As for Zorian Khaines, "Critics." Dont change a thing in your style, Though I would hope you wouldn't take bullshit, "Critiques...as it is spelled," from someone who hasn't submitted art to the portal.

All around good job and I definitely putting this as my background for the week, well done.


But i have some critics on this! (oh dear god, no!) :P
I see what you did on the moon, I even took a closer look and I think it can get better. Don't forget, the moon is very far away, so textures aren't as, well, as "overlapping each other" like this one. Try to make more difference to the different textures on the moon.

The look in the girls eyes are well done, there is definitely an emotion in her. that is something very important in artwork.

Pose is good, colors are fine and lining is OK! But the moon needs work.