Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Friggin sweet man

dude crazy $h!t man, one of the most original fights i've seen for dbz, good job on the final move too good concept

A God has been brought to Newgrounds!

You, out of all the Authors, are the best one (in my opinion). You were my insparation coming on newgrounds. Oh yeah, your on my buddy list. I hope one day we can work together. Anyway, great job. Perfect 10!


Hey man, I already reviewed this movie and once again I have to say kickass but uhh. You might want to keep an eye on rayray9999. Because he sounds stalkerish. I'm not saying he's a stalker, just stalkerish.


this is pretty damn good for your first flash movie. i have seen some horrible firsties, but this deserves a 10. kep it up and make another one.


were you get this kind of power (Vegetto) FROM HELL (Broly)