Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Well well

Good work! Not too shabby! I thought it was rather childish at some points, but overall this was a pretty damn good skit. I've been a pretty loyal fan of DB and DBZ for quite some time and this proves worthy of a 10 but the sounds were weird and some of the graphics show no effort. I look forward to another DBZ flash from you! ;)

LgdVegetto responds:

Yeh there were times i got real lazy and rushed some parts due to people's anxiety to see this movie. But I'll try my best not to make the same mistakes on my next flash movie....glad ya enjoyed it anyway :)

Good first try

I enjoyed this movie. The sprites and everything were real good.People may say it was 2 long I say it wasn't long enough. It was good for a first try. U should keep it up. I liked the game sprites too, this portal made a like 1 hour movie for Dbz into a right to the point 5 minute portal. Good job

its ok...

That was ok...but..Kaioken x 100? Bull Crap!

a good dbz fight

dont watch this if u hate seisure inducing flashes that lasts forever
u made my eyes tired... fuck...


even from the begining of your flash "Career" you have had absoloute insane skill at that fast paced fighting i congratulate u