Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"


this is pretty damn good for your first flash movie. i have seen some horrible firsties, but this deserves a 10. kep it up and make another one.


I like the cretivity you placed. Like Brolly Kiao Ken times 100.

I like it

It was kool

that was really good

that was amazing i enjoyed it .. i dont want to be a dbz fan fag or anything but there are some technical stuff i want off my chest
1st.. its not kaioken it super kaioken lol because he did kaio ken during super saiyan
2nd. its good they went vegito because he is stronger then gogeta

3rd.. i really like the z smasher thing because in all the dbz movies they come up with some random attack which is unknown and wich looks a tad cheesy to finish of the bad guy

4th.just to answer your question brolly did die he had a clone made of him by hurcules arch enemy which he has known since he went to school to defeat hurcle and it got out of control the movie is called bio brolly lol and it only has little trunks little goten krillin and number 18 to fight him lol oh and hurcule

this was a kick ass movie as your first if your gonna do another one it should be a sorta thing where all the bad guys escape form hell and the strongest 'buu' or you could do omega dragon , is the leader of the pack and the z team have to fight all of them off .. yeah kick ass

Kick @$$ first movie

lol that pwned (as a first movie)