Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"


This movie is the shit. It's awesome how Vegetto takes a major asswhooping, and delivers a badass finishing move. Great Job man.

Vegetto is the best

This was one of my favories back then. Vegtto is my favorite dbz fusion so i was very happy to see a good flash has been made for him. U have the best vegetto flashes on the site. The action was very bloody and flashy. The problems is the labguage did not fit the character at all. The over use of swear got kinda annyoing. The other think is that the blasts and the other drawings looked very cheap. I know it was ur first flash but im just stating the negatives. Pretty god flash over all but the drawings sucked.


this is a mugen isnt it


I loved your movie even the 1..2...3..15th time ive watched it


nearly perfect it just needs some voice lol