Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Yeah well.

Good for a first movie but since you're using an established body of work I had to base my judgement from that lets have a look.

My main gripe is that while it's almost as fucking long as an acutal episode without an opeing, credits, or commercials way too much happens. In the real series they would have spent one episode to get the earrings, another to convince Vegeta to put the damm things on, another to start the fight, another one in which they have flashbacks about what happened in the episode before it, another on for Vegetto to charge up, another one for Brolli to charge up. Frankly there was too much action, too much fighting, and not enough posing, grunting, or screaming.

I voted 0, forsaking an obvious protection point to stay true to my ethics.


That was a good film.
My only problem was the sound.
The music was really bad quality, maybe you should have chosen something else insted of just trying to get your fave bands music in.

I liked it though.

Very, very good.

Awesome, I don't kno much of DBZ but I really enjoyed watching this. Nice first submission, I hope to see more of your future works. 5 For you mah friend ! You gave this entry a 5, raising its score to 1.63!
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It shows great promise

Hey man... I personally think that this movie COULD be incredibly good... BUT there are some huge problems with it. The great thing about flash is that you can change it after it has finished creation... My advice to you is fix this shit up, cause it shows great promise. Your skill with sprites are really good (I think that the actual fighting was great) buut your drawing and eediting skills are seriously lacking. For one, use an actual background, not one from the game. They aren't that hard to make, especially if you make it cartoon style. Second, the fireballs are horribly done. Use photoshop (if you don't have it, GET IT) or some similar picture editing program to make some/most of the art. Last, in order to make your movie as fluid as possible, try coming up with small scene-by-scene ideas BEFORE creating the movie. This way you can make it link upp easily, and it won't have the random stuff in there (the Z-Crusher idea was hastily made). Like I said, it could be really good, and if you worked on it and patched it up... I think that it couuld go up into the 4's.

dunno why u got an 8

u didn't fill out many criterea for the review, but I enjoyed this, but being a brolly fan, he still dies too damn easily, and the ending was pretty cheesily bad, as were some of the lines (almighty ass whooper?)
True to DBZ form,
"I'm more powerful than you!"

"no you're not cos I have some random thing that raises my power level beyond belief"

"So do I"

"Aha, but I have more power, so I win really easily"

The End

Good work, I liked this sprite movie :P