Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"


The flash and graphics were very good for their execution, but you really could have done without Broly using Kaioken. And the Z-Crusher looked kind of like a giant ugly health bar. It's good, not great though. Try being a little more creative (give Broly his own move rather than copying Kaioken, Z-Crusher was very so-so, etc.) and it'll bump it up a notch.

Broly could have won

Broly would have won against the pitiful Vegetto...the Z Crusher is OK though but looks kinda stupid.

z-crusher and galactic genkidama thas just owsam

this movie has the spirit of DBZ its just on DBZ style


witness the true power of vageto:) XD.

It was okay.

The graphics were just ok and Broly could NEVER do kaoken! But it was ok.