Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"


that was cool the ending was a little corny though THE Z-CRUSHER lol .

um, so how do i say this

That was definitely the best sprite fight scene ive ever seen, if u had animated it all urself, like drawn the characters and shit, it would have been flawless and worthy of more than a 5....It was entertaining, stylish, and innovative...I really enjoyed it


That's the coolest move I've seen! They should've really had that in the show.... I would've loved to see that. Anyway, I thought it was great. Not really perfect, but very good. Keep 'em coming! Good luck!

LgdVegetto responds:

heh thx man...the Z-Crusher was quite an idea eh? Well for every other flash movie i will have different special finishing moves that were never seen or heard before. I'm working on my second flash movie right now which is a continuation ... "DBZ - Vegetto's Bloodlust". This time I'm gonna soup up the storyline by a whole lot and fix up all the flaws and I'm gonna add in some nice humor too.. ;)....wish me luck..if any of you has any ideas..please bring them to me,I want to satisfy or even amaze as many dbz fans as possible.

great dbz flash man

the fight between vegeto and broily was spetacular man.

not bad

dbz kicks ass