Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Good first try

I enjoyed this movie. The sprites and everything were real good.People may say it was 2 long I say it wasn't long enough. It was good for a first try. U should keep it up. I liked the game sprites too, this portal made a like 1 hour movie for Dbz into a right to the point 5 minute portal. Good job

Well, it is your first...

OK, it's not the greatest Flash I've ever seen, but it is your first, so I'll go easy on you. It's using sprites, so I can't give you a high score on graphics, but there were some okay special effects. I liked the music playing in the background, it was kinda catchy. The style is perfect, exactly how a DBZ episode would play out(I'd expect that from you :D). The violence was good, that gets a 9. Of course, there was no humor or interaction, so I can't give you a score there.

Sorry, I know you probably expected a perfect score from me, but I have to be fair to everyone else, man.

Well Done...

Like I told youse before friend upgrade da Z crusher and the movie will be BOSS!
And if you read the credits you'll see my name!
I helped out a bit....


This was a good movie. It keeps interest and doesn't get boring

This is so f***ing cool

seeing this makes me want to spend more time and effort on the cartoons I make. If you wanna give me some tips, my MSN email is Tiberius8472@hotmail.com

LgdVegetto responds:

Yeh no problem I'll might be able to give out a few pointers myself :).