Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Holy shit.

I cant belive this wasnt put in the dbz section. Its better then any flash in their.

Very well done!

I like this movie better then Bloodlust. The Z crusher was a good idea but it could have been done better.


You had awesome ideas and made them well in your flash make more lol!


It kicked...but only 1 disappointment

"you may be the legendary super sayajin, but I am the legendary ass kicker" Kinda cheesy, but you did a awesome job...

some aspects but not all

parts of this were better than the second one but others failed to comprehend. Really if I would have watched this one first I would have felt let down by the second but definatly you're taking these movies somewhere they are fast and hard core. I can really feel the damage being inflicted by those punches, nice job jimbo! Make some more of Vegito kicking the hairy asses of them mo'fo's why not pitch him against Evil Shen lon, that would be ace. Make an ss4 arival? No that might take away the feel for Vegito's super saiya-jin ass kicking and just make him mega powerful! anyway I want more!