Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Great for a first flash.

Everything was great except the words went by too fast. Overall it was fuckin awesome!!!

Didn´t like it..

I´m a pretty big fan of the Dragon Ball universe, but I myself did not like this one.
* The SFX were really bad, and no voices.
* The ki-attacks were strange, you could have taken the ones from the game, but I suppose it would´ve been a total copy of the game..kinda..
*You can´t really see the fighters, they´re just red n yellow..

A thing I liked though, was when Broly threw(or punched or whatever) Vegetto into a rock of some sort, and i broke quite nicely..that was well done..except the rock was red or something..

holy shit!!!

I think you're a bit to fast for Akira Toriyama himself!! lol
what you trying to do?? u trying to take his job?
Great job... really well thought out..
gave u a 9 only cuz of the sound..
but nothing to take away from your work..
best thing ive seen since ROTMK

Wow! Really good work!!

Especially for your first flash movie. I'm going through the whole series, but I can see from this that it's pretty badass! I love the ass whooper comment, and the z crusher!

That was pretty good.

Great $*it for your first time. That was awesome! I like the Z-Crusher, very original. I'm being serious. Keep it up!