Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Very cool.

Not often is a DBZ movie that creative, love how they crashed through the ground and into rocks and everything. Keep it up!


but that Kaioken even if brolly wwas still alive he could have used it cause king kia(dont know how to spell his name)tought it to goku n shit like that but still good i liked it, a little crude at some points but still good


Haha, "A move that has never been witnessed or seen...the Z-Crusher!!!" That was so terrible. But I still gave it a 4 with voting and all because it was a lot better than most of the DBZ sprite battles I've seen. Maybe I don't get out enough...or stay in enough...whatever. Time to watch your newer attempts to emulate anime.

LgdVegetto responds:

Go watch the rest of my Vegetto series...ESPECIALLY "DBZ - Vegetto's Bloodlust 2"!!!!!!


Great movie, but I doubt a saiyan would call another saiyan "saiyan"

fuckin awesome

that was some tight shit. the only thing that was annoying was the long ass repitition of when he killed yamcha and that big red explosion. 10 none the less