Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Wow! That was pimp!

I really liked that! Especially if this is your first flash ever done! Since I am a hardcore Dragonball Z fan, I think that you could've done a little more with it. I think that when they did their signature move it should have been more exaggerated and more detailed. And I think that The Z-Crusher was a little bit gay. You should have had Veggetto do like a Big Kamehameha Bang Attack.(Big Bang Attack+Kamehameha)Still great work though!


I liked it. Simple as that.


Not only is he powerful but hes great, super,outstanding, mighty and cool!!!!!!!!

its ok...

That was ok...but..Kaioken x 100? Bull Crap!

THIS was your first flash? Wow

Usually DBZ flashes are just imitations of the original storyline/movies, but your movies are pretty original. The Z-Crusher is probably the best move in any of your movies, even though next time you should improve the end of the move, something like throwing the galactic genkidama at the Z.

Keep up the good work, both of ya!