Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"


Nothing was wrong...it was all perfect...everything...but Vegitos name being miss spelled...or is it vegetto?
*Gives you the"Your flash movice Owns" Medal*

LgdVegetto responds:

Well...I know in the english version for sure in DBZ it's spelled "Vegito". However, I think in the japanese it's "Vegetto". (I have seen his name as "Vegetto" in "DBZ : Hyper Dimension" for the snes, which waz a hella rare game and it waz THE BEST DBZ 2-D FIGHTER EVER....I have a reputation from that game too...from playing online ;) .... it's a long story..hehehe....but that's where I got my name "LgdVegetto" which means "The Legendary Vegetto".....) ;)

Fairly Awesome I'd Say...

Every now and again it is fun to see a non-plot derived, fight for fight's sake movie. You have done an impressive job for your first creation and as an avid fan of the show for some 12 years now (I'm 21), I must say that you did a nearly accurate portrayal of both characters, even going so far as to give them distinctive fighting styles. I personally will overlook tiny infractions of DBZ lore such as the 100x Super Kaio-Ken and a sort of permutation of the Genki-Dama. Those are just things that we'd all like to see happen(Things to make you go "whoah".) I have not seen your other films yet, but just from this one, I'd say that character dialogue is one of your weak spots. I realize that dialogue is somewhat unimportant in a fight, but bad writing can ruin a tense moment, and could detract from the mood you're setting. Anyway, awesome job manipulating the tiny character .gifs and keep up the good work.

Absolutely perfect

SInce this is your first movie, I'll have to bow to you because it was perfect, completely. This is better than any other starting flash movie on the entire site, keep up the good work

LgdVegetto responds:

Thanks .... your support is always appreciated! :D!

OMG....what the hell??

I just DONT understand it...ur first movie....my gosh...far too good to be ur first. The movie left me exhausted...u must hav been dreaming to make a movie like this all along havent you? You sure kno how to make a first good movie. The sprite rips were perfect, i loved the music (even thoe i dislike rock)it went perfectly with the movie, and u had a preloader, and a scene selection at the end. And u expect us to beleev this is ur FIRST movie? Nope...first movies are supposed to hav stick figures, bad animation, and ugly, scribbled DBZ fireballs. Ima hav to take a nap and watch the rest of the series.

LgdVegetto responds:

I'm not just an "average" flash artist ya know.... I do try my best to put effort into my movies....

Holy hell dude, you were right

This was awsome. I have never been a fan of dbz, but that was just badass. You have just made my day. Thanks.