Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

You really surpised me

***Inside the mind of Midnight_ritual***
"eeeewww, looks like some cheap DBZ movie.*
clicks on it
"EEEEWWWW! Sprites! Yuck! I'm giving this a 5/10"
Movie loads
"Hey, this isn;t that bad, kinda lame though... 6/10"
1 minute later
"Wow, this is pretty lengthy, some neat effects too... 8/10
2 minutes later
"Wow, that z crusher move is neat! XD Hey that wasn't so bad! In fact... I really liked it! Wicked!"
Final Grade
Dude, you really impressed me. Good job.


I loved it... very satisfying to the wondering minds. i will now watch all your others. it tickled my third eye, (-*-) thanks!

love it

i love all of your work

hay there

hello there
I realy enjoyed the movie but can you give me some dbz sound effects becuse I cant find it any where
please send it to this e-mail adress : pino_uitsesamstraat@msn.com

thank you bye bye

Again, another good one

The last technique may have been a little wierd, but overall good. One question though, in alot of your movies, do you use the explosions from Metal Slug? They look similar, but still good with the Ki explosions.