Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

*studders and screams out*THAT WAS THE BEST EVER!!

that was the best flash i ever saw . keep up the great work man!!! swowhat music did you use i loved the one that was like really hard rock and there was no volcols in the begining if its you first one or not i loved it pleaze respawned please pleasw pleeeease reapawned im you biggest fan ive seen every one of your movie's i worship you.
rds out?dude that was awsome! that was a great movie! legendary ass whooper.it was a masterpeace i love it when the movies comes coolo...m...f...g... that was the best dbz flash evr. not only that but ur fights are 100x better than in the show (except for the energy attacks) but the hand to hand combat is sooo much better. keep up the good wrk man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

master peice

that was one of the best flash moves i have ever seen so cool keep up the good work i like the z crusher


Dude this flash can give people Epilepsy (in a cool way) This has to be one of the most kick ass flashes i've ever seen! Keep up the good work!

nicely done for first movie

to be honest??? what you say in you're... ''submitters comment'' is just HEART brakingXD lol!!! nice movie..first time..the intro sucked so i thought the whole movie would have sucked..but then i watched the whole thing...for frame by frame..this kinda rockz..nice job XD!

Nice Movie, LOved iT

The beams were goofy and the song were a bit fuzzy
other ways,its good!