Reviews for "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

This really brings me back, please never let this video or any of the Vegettos Bloodlust videos die. I was trying to rip it to mp4 but I don't know what type of file it is. These NEED to be uploaded to youtube because I can't watch them on my phone. /: anyway I remember watching these videos as a kid and I loved them. Id love nothing more to see these videos on a more compatible platform. YouTube, dailymotion, etc. IDC! Its been 14 years, this needs to be seen on more then just newgrounds!

Dude, this shit was part of my fucking CHILDHOOD, man! I FINALLY found this! Holy shit, this brought me back!!

Dude, seriously, this video was an inspiration for me in so many ways as a kid. Like... even today it's badass as hell. Corny, definitely (I mean, come on, we were all young, of course it'll be corny) but still fucking BADASS.

I had to share that. Watching this again after almost a decade still pumps me up.

This movie is wicked!!
http://darkknight74.newgrounds.com/fo llow

its broly not brolli you dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


were you get this kind of power (Vegetto) FROM HELL (Broly)