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Reviews for "Helix - The Condition"

I think this should be in a movie

I really like this, it makes me think of a movie that shows how to nuclear warheads are produced, and going through the factory. Keep up the good work!

Helix6 responds:

That was definitely not the image in my mind, but I got a good laugh when I read your review. Thanks! I always try to listen to the track while I'm responding to reviews for it, and frankly now I'm not sure what it is conjuring up for me... I am glad that it created some image for you - I always want my music to draw on some sort of deep association. It seems that is why some people dislike it (don't like the image being "drawn" out) and some people love it.

good to see new content....

long time listener, i like all the synth-echos youve been playing with in this song. this gets a ten for sure. not your best work, and some of the synth sounded too narrow and unprocessed (that may just be the style you want...). Regardless this song is still going on my mp3. I just hope you can fit making more music into your schedule because it owns so much. MOAR, DO WANT!¿!¿!

Helix6 responds:

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it and I will try to polish my sounds a little more in the future - I noticed a few glitches upon relistening as well. Thanks again!

reminded me of the spyhunter game music

not bad i liked it but its kinda slow paced fur me

Helix6 responds:

Come on, you are supposed to shake your ass and strangle someone slowly at the same time! What's wrong with you!?

Less intense, but still has that Helix6 magic :D

I really like how you put together your industrial music together, it's really nice and melodic, and you just know what vocals to use.I just felt that something was missing from thise piece...no not the speed, just something else...

Helix6 responds:

Well, there is always something missing. Why do you think I hardly ever post new shit? It's all missing something.

ok, that's cool!

Good ambiance, overall is well rythmed, nothing to say about it, apart this, it's a pretty good tune.

Helix6 responds:

Decent review, short, but on target. Overall pretty good.