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Reviews for "Helix - The Condition"

without a doubt 10/10

had a eerie tone to it that sends a chill down your spine
you have my vote for ruler of Newgrounds Industrial
cant wait till the next one!

good to see new content....

long time listener, i like all the synth-echos youve been playing with in this song. this gets a ten for sure. not your best work, and some of the synth sounded too narrow and unprocessed (that may just be the style you want...). Regardless this song is still going on my mp3. I just hope you can fit making more music into your schedule because it owns so much. MOAR, DO WANT!¿!¿!

Helix6 responds:

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it and I will try to polish my sounds a little more in the future - I noticed a few glitches upon relistening as well. Thanks again!


Definately different from your other stuff. Sounds like the end to a movie where the hero thinks he has won, but there is yet one more obstacle to overcome.
This just defeats all the music ive heard for a long time.
The only thing that kind of threw me off was the vocals, but, who cares.
I cant do better even with FruityLoops 7.
Awesome work n_n


Helix6 responds:

I think the hero is yet to win - this is a song calling the protagonist to move forward or regroup. It evokes a dichotomy of feelings in that perhaps there is some comfort, but certainly warrant for lingering anxiety. I think that is "the condition" most of us live in every day.

Unsurprisingly awesome.

Always liked your material.
This one is different from most of your previous submissions and I like this one too.
It has this dark aura around it. One of the images that came up in my mind was this zombie \ some kind of Human-versus another race (IE StarshipTroopers) movie when the zombies\Archnids swarm the humans. When I close my eyes I see an entire movie when listening to this.
Thank you for yet another great work.
Can't wait for more ((: !

Helix6 responds:

I am glad that you see something in your mind - I was having a debate with a close friend the other night as to what genre my music really fits in, and the conclusion was something like "action." I don't know what the hell that means, but I do feel that all of my music expresses/evokes some sort of action. It's, of course, up to the user.


I loved the beat, melody, rhythm, everything.
Great job!

Helix6 responds:

Thanks, I think elements could have been better, but overall I like this track as well.