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Reviews for "Helix - The Condition"

good job

this is a very good track to sit back and relax

Helix6 responds:

They all really are. You're supposed to sit there with a .30-06 and shoot zombies, just chillin' listening to my shit. That's what it's all about - a 40 and knockin' off zombies.

Somehow quite different...

...from your other masterpieces, but it's at the same time somehow quite similar... it's a quite odd song for sure and very good overall...

Helix6 responds:

Thank you. I try to keep them a little different, although I've frequently heard that I fail.


But it should have sped up. Try a remix doubling the kick speed about a quarter of the way in, and speeding up the hats double, too. It would make the whole thing feel less repetitive. Otherwise, it's damn good. I like.

Helix6 responds:

Maybe it is time to get acoustic?


I would put it as if Godspeed You Black Emperor! did techno. I'm not a big fan, but this is pretty good.

Helix6 responds:

Thanks. I guess...

reminded me of the spyhunter game music

not bad i liked it but its kinda slow paced fur me

Helix6 responds:

Come on, you are supposed to shake your ass and strangle someone slowly at the same time! What's wrong with you!?