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Reviews for "-Close to you-"

Yay Furries!!!

The rain effect is awesome, and I am somewhat of a furry fan so this picture really appealed to me!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Amzing detail, and the rain effect works well with the picture! You must have some fancy expensive program to go along with your talent. All i have is Microsoft Paint and GIMP. Thats why my "Art" isn't all too good. If it was an animation, with the rain just pouring down and bouncing off, that would be so kick ass.

megawolf77 responds:

Ermmm, I didn't use any program. I use traditional materials: Inks on paper. XD
I sketch with a 0.5 Mechanical Pencil and ink with 0.3-0.4 Signpens and 0.5 Gelpens.
After that I erase the pencils with a high-grade eraser. ^_^

I know traditional art is not fun, but that's my only medium. =w=

Thanks for the comment. ^w^

This is a heck of a drawing.

I definitely love the speedlines, makes it look like a downpour, which makes it waay more mysterious and romantic! This is definitely a good piece. Also, if you put a rumble noise in there, like thunder, that would make this piece that much cooler haha.

And to those who don't like furry drawings, then I am pretty sure the thumbnail showed it was a furry picture. If you don't like them, simply click the back button. I don't understand why people comment stuff like 'Yiff in hell furfags, hurrrr!' and spend time actually commenting on the picture, and having to look at it more. Seriously, people like different things. Grow up.

But anyways, definitely a great picture, and I hope to see more in the future!


Awesome piece of art, i am not furry and yes this is kinda wierd to me but hey it's still art and it is pretty nicely done.

how romantic. i love it