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Reviews for "-Close to you-"


cool man u got what it takes


Your work is marvelous. It has such beautiful detail and it give the viewer (me atleast) a feeling of happiness which you normally can't describe to others without them ending up confused from none of your words mathing up to equal the sentence. The only reason I am giving it a 10 and a 5 is because, I couldn't go any higher than that. If it is your goal, you will become the most renowned artist of the time it would take for someone to accomplish (in the distant future) the creation of better paintings. May your own efficiency guide you.

gawd that's lovely

its so sweet, got to one of the cutest pictures i've seen in a while!
keep it up^^

You know what Gizmo...

SCREW YOU!!! Megawolf is an amazing artist and your just a fucking critic!!! So shut your mouth and respect Megawolf!!! Also, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH FURRYS!?!?!? Furrys kick ass! Megawolf, this is amazingly well done. It's very romantic. If only I could do stuff like this for my girlfriend. You truly are an insiration to me.


Just imagine:
She was in her room, then she looked the window and saw him on the street...
She had to go out fast for don't lose him, that's why she is in her underwear lol

Anyway, i love all ur drawings... i hope u will upload more

10\10 5\5

megawolf77 responds:

That is why, my friend, I let my readers do their imagining than what I can explain. It helps supporting my art's true intentions (if not, that's not my problem.) ;3

Thank-you very much! *hugs* X3